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Change Management

Projects are dynamic ecosystems. Client requests, design changes, unforeseen site conditions, are an intrinsic part of a project’s life. The more effectively the variations are recorded and communicated, the more chances you have to keep the project finance in order and constrain cost bleeding.

Contract Management

We have procured projects using a plethora of different contract schemes; NEC3/4, FIDIC, RIBA Contracts, or bespoke non-statutory private agreements, to name but a few. We offer advisory services on built environment project contracts, either prior to commencement or during the project execution.

Dispute Resolution

Today, over 30% of construction projects end up in court. There are, however, more effective (and cheaper) ways to resolve construction-related disputes. Our yearly experience from projects of variable sizes, has equipped us with the expertise to deal with different circumstances in international environments. Within this context, we have served as representatives of the Disciplinary Committee of the Technical Chamber of Greece and as expert witnesses in construction-related lawsuits.


The construction industry is desperately antiquated. Our goal is to help construction professionals build confidence in the existing and emerging digital tools, improve their work outcome, methods and processes and benefit from technology both on professional and personal level.

Being on the cutting edge of technology, we can recommend and help you implement the appropriate tools, to optimise your business procedures and results.

With extensive hands-on experience as ΒΙΜ implementation consultants in two of the BIM world-leading construction industries, those of the United Kingdom and Singapore, we can design your digital roadmap and help you accomplish your digital transformation journey.

Project Management

We have been managing projects of all sizes and complexities since 1999. From high-end houses to mixed-used residential developments, and state-of-the-art infrastructure to mega-projects.

Some of our most prestigious projects include:

• Residential Schemes (UK: University of Cambridge-North West Cambridge Development / Eddington)

• High-end holiday Housing (Greece: Cyclades, various private clients)

• Niche Development (Greece: Oliaros / AntiparosDesignHouses)

High-rise construction (Singapore: Urban Vista)

• Heritage buildings (Athens: various private clients)

• Industrial (Greece: Hellenic Shipyards Upgrade/HSY)

• Infrastructure (Greece: Achlada-Meliti 330MW Power Station-Public Power Corporation)

• Sports Facilities (Greece: Athens 2004)


Organisations start to acknowledge that their prosperity and success rely on the well-being of their people. Modern day symptoms are closely related to the work environment and the culture (or lack of) of an organisation. More often than not, projects become dysfunctional and fail to achieve their initial targets, despite the elaborate techniques and state-of-the-art project management operations in place. Project teams and individuals react to cancellations, misunderstandings, delays, disappointment and broken communication with their subjectivity and according to their mental reserve. The latter is, sometimes, not enough to act as an antidote to the tough daily project reality and at this point, optimisation bias starts taking a downturn. If you relate with the above, our multidisciplinary team of project and mental health professionals might have the answers.