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Project 360o  is an AEC consultancy (Architectural-Engineering-Construction) specialising in the realisation of projects for the built environment, using state-of-the art methods and approaches. We are a creative project management consultancy, founded in 2005 by George Katsibokis, CEng MICE, Licensed Eng. TEE/TCG and affiliate RIBA member.

Our expertise embraces the wider spectrum of the design and construction industry, therefore providing consulting on a number of interconnected areas whose common denominator is the built environment. We help people and teams build smarter with the use of technology, looking after the project from inception to completion. We have worked extensively with international teams, in cross-cultural environments and projects of varying scale and complexity, a fact that makes us conversant in multiple, even seemingly unconventional contexts.

We are not a “traditional” white-collar PM consultancy and we are conscious (and proud) about it. Our main added value is the interdisciplinary approach that we bring into our projects. Creativity, technical know-how, out-of the-box thinking, effective collaboration and a passion for good architecture but with both feet on the ground, are some of the elements that characterise us.

If you are just embarking on a one-off project or you are systematically dealing with the built environment and you are looking for high-calibre professional services, you are at the right place!